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Floor meat mincer TCP 32

Floor meat mincer with removable tray with sensor, totally built in stainless steel aisi304. Mouth worm and wheel in micro cast fusion in aisi 304 Enterprise system 32. Finned and ventilating motor for a better cooling. Painted motoreductor as a protection against corrosion.

In CE version   electronic plant with 24 volt powered buttons, with march inversion, contained in an IP54 electrical box. Water tight buttons with IP67 protection, tray sensor, emergency mushroom. 4 Turning wheels 2 with brake. Tray capacity lt. 20. This machine is reccomended for butcher laboratories and super market.

The machine complies with UE hygiene and safety regulations and  with the specific norms for meat grinder too.

Standard equipment
  • Pestle
  • Collect Meat Tray
  • Partial Unger
  • Total Unger
  • Onephase Motor
  • Export Version
  TCP 32.301 TCP 32.401
Motor power HP 3 - KW 2,2 - Three phase HP 4 - KW 3 - Three phase
Neck diam. 86 mm diam. 86 mm
Tray capacity 20 lt. 20 lt.
Electric plant 24 V 24 V
Output per hour Kg 600 Kg 600
Net weight 70 Kg 75 Kg
Dimensions LxPxH 41x38x110h 41x38x110h

Registered office
Viale Guerrazzi, 29 - Imola (BO)

Operational headquarters
Via Ortignola, 20/A - Imola (BO)