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Hydraulic filler IVP 25

Hydraulic filler entirely stainless steel aisi 304 builted. The machine is equipped with hydraulic unit which control the piston movement. The rise up speed is adjustable to have the filling possibility of any kind of sausages. Descent speed is double than maximum rise up speed. There is a manometer to check pressure anytime. Max working pressure 160 bar.

The heavy cover is entirely in aisi304 and laid over springs so that, when the cover is open is uplifted to make easier working meat loading and unloading. The external cilinder is removable for an easier cleaning. The machine is regulated trough a pedal within electrovalves. 4 liters tank. The piston is screwed to the cilinder and is made of aisi304, easily removable for an easy cleaning.

  IVP 25
Motor power HP 1 - KW 0,75 - Three phase
Cylinder capacity l 25
Max emptying speed 25 sec
Min emptying speed 5 min
Returning time piston 13 sec
Net weight Kg 108
Dimensions LxPxH 47x42x112cm

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Viale Guerrazzi, 29 - Imola (BO)

Operational headquarters
Via Ortignola, 20/A - Imola (BO)